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On to new frontiers

Fitzgerald is a trusted strategic partner for brands with a mission. We believe that at the core of every great brand is a why, a mission that deserves to be heard. We work closely with these brands to identify, articulate and communicate their driving purpose. With that understanding of who you are at the foundation of our partnership, we execute your tailor-made communication strategy across all fronts. We are specialists in creating striking earned campaigns and crafting stories that make an impact in the long term.

On to new frontiers

It’s time for greatness

As an agency, we operate in the sweet spot between big name brands and the nonprofit sector. We believe that we create the greatest impact when we bring these worlds closer together and help them to better understand each other. Everything we do as an agency contributes to this goal –  from the strategies we develop for our clients, to organizing The Fitzgerald Initiative. We are intentional about creating purposeful programs & partnerships. We can disrupt our industry with inspirational initiatives from the nonprofit world.

Big companies and brands can learn a lot from NGOs and small purposeful brands. And vice versa. Fitzgerald knows how to bridge the gap and facilitate that learning.

Who we work with

Our clients

Our events

Het Fitzgerald Initiative

Every year we organize the Fitzgerald Initiative with the aim of connecting NGOs and startups with corporates and helping them improve their PR and communication strategy. On January 26, 2023, the most recent edition of the Fitzgerald Initiative took place at Club Ace in the Amsterdam Houthavens.

What we do

Our services

Our work touches every aspect of communications: Thought leadership on important industry subjects. Effective messaging with key stakeholders.  Continued urgency and innovation in ongoing PR. Converting commercial marketing campaigns into relevant content for media and influencers. We look at your question through a lens of social relevance and our proven 3 X M model (message, moments, means) and then determine the right tactics to guarantee visibility. Regardless of the task, we have the knowledge and the network to realize lasting impact through earned media.

On to new frontiers
  • Marcom

    • Strategic ongoing PR
    • Earned concept campaigns
    • Influencer marketing
    • Branded content & native advertising
    • Events
    • Media network management
    • Inspiration session: Trends & Cultural Insights
  • Corporate communication

    • Strategy & branding campaigns
    • Reputation management
    • Crisis communication
    • Monitoring & analysis
    • Copy & Design
    • Media training, Trend sessions
    • Public Affairs & Lobby
    • Content in all kinds of forms, such as: video, podcast, native articles, blog posts, whitepapers, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Internal PR & activation

    We believe that your peers in PR strategy are the most credible influencers. With that in mind, we ensure that internal & external PR are always telling the same story. We take every external campaign and convert it into easily accessed internal messaging – a holistic approach that ensures optimal impact.

  • Purpose Programs & Partnerships

    It is increasingly urgent that we break away from our traditional thinking around development aid and good works. New ways of partnering and cooperating between NGOs, corporations and governments must be created. Each of these entities need to better understand where their common ground lies and how they can best work together for the common good. Fitzgerald helps brands achieve this with its purpose programs: long-term collaborations between corporations and nonprofits with the aim of generating attention and creating conversation around their shared missions. For a fixed fee, we take care of the partnership from A to Z: strategy, matchmaking, concepting and execution of events, campaigns, content, etc.

  • The Fitzgerald Initiative

    Every fall, Fitzgerald organizes the Fitzgerald Initiative, a day that represents everything we stand for as an agency. We invite leaders, professionals and volunteers from NGOs to attend a series of lectures and workshops meant to equip them to better execute their organizations’ communications. We invite successful industry professionals to speak at the event and share their knowledge and experience.

    At this annual event, we seek to embody the work that Fitzgerald does all year – bringing together eager professionals from the corporate and nonprofit worlds and creating a shared knowledge and deeper mutual understanding.