ACE-ing AI: Proactively Navigating Today’s Zeitgeist

In the realm of the communications industry, including the field of PR, our focus lies on the current zeitgeist – from cultural events, social trends to evolving and emerging technologies. Staying attuned to the pulse of the present, our job is to adapt with the world around us. 

One integral part of today’s zeitgeist is AI, accelerating the natural pace of change exponentially and transforming everything it touches. As the communication industry is undergoing a paradigm shift, we at Fitzgerald believe in proactively driving progress instead of reactively following it. With this, we want to empower our team and clients to think in terms of solutions and create opportunities in a field where the only constant is change.

Embodying or new frontiers mindset, we do this in two ways: through introducing our Fitzgerald AI manifesto & ACE AI workshops – combining theory and practice to boost impact. 

ACE AI workshops

With the ACE AI workshops, your team will be equipped with a 90-minute crash course on the latest AI tools and their impact on the workplace and market, ACE-ing AI. Our workshops are designed and led by experienced professionals, ensuring that your team will receive a comprehensive and practical education in just 90 minutes. Not only will your team gain insights and hands-on experience, but they will also have the opportunity to bond and build their relationships in a comfortable and engaging environment. 

Want to explore how to navigate the practical implications of AI onto our worklifes? Read our AI manifesto, created to outline a human centric approach to the future of work and specifically focussing on today’s most prominent tool ChatGPT.