Dreamers and Doers: Reflecting on Our Entrepreneurial Journey

This month marked the day of the entrepreneur –  on the 17th of November we celebrated bold business owners from all walks of life. Did you know that SME entrepreneurs and their small and medium enterprises represent 99% of all EU businesses? They even employ around 100 million people, creating around three-quarters of all jobs we have available according to the European Commission. More than enough reasons to celebrate if you ask us!

We were reminded of our own beginnings just three years ago. Starting out with a small team and a big driver – to be a new generation of communications professionals, driven by purpose. We were inspired by our founding father John F. Kennedy – so much that we borrowed his middle name Fitzgerald – and set out to follow his example in encouraging society to think big and imagine new frontiers. He represented the spirit of the entrepreneur, solving the problems of a nation and taking them to new possibilities. Since then, we’ve been proud to grow alongside our bold team and clients while staying committed to our founding spirit. And what a journey it has been! From launching our first Fitz Initiative event to powering down in late night sessions to win that pitch to long lasting (personal) relations with clients such as Uber, Lynk&Co, Coritina. There’s never a dull moment with the Fitzies…

Another favorite of ours is the endless learning we do alongside our clients – with YoungOnes recent research proving that even beyond our own walls, the entrepreneurial spirit is at an all time high, especially with the next generation of founders. Rather than following well-worn career paths at established corporations, we see more and more small businesses by young founders with hopes of driving the change they want to see.  And they are equipped with better financial finesse than we might give them credit for. The findings show that the financial smarts of this group are actually higher than those of their peers in permanent employment. The next wave of founders reports more familiarity with benefits and taxes (61%) than employed youth (49%). Additionally, they express more confidence handling future money matters (71%), beating their employed peers (52%). Hustling with heart is the motto, as further research by the team found that the vast majority of young people (68%) find it important that their place of employment has an extensive policy around environment, social and governance matters, aligning values with value creation. Data speaks louder than words, and the future of founders looks bright.

As we look at the past and reflect on what’s next, we re-commit to our pioneering roots and the spirit of the entrepreneur that stirs within us all. We celebrate the dreamers and doers who inspire us everyday. And we thank our partners for being on this journey with us. Just like those first steps three years ago, we know there are always new frontiers ahead when we come together with purpose.