26 January 2023

The Fitzgerald Initiative

Every year, we organise the Fitzgerald Initiative with the aim of connecting NGOs and startups with corporates and helping them improve their PR and communications strategy. On Jan. 26, 2023, the second edition of the Fitzgerald Initiative took place at club Ace in Amsterdam’s Houthavens.

Fitzgerald focuses on brands that embrace our ever-changing society and want to positively impact consumers’ lives. But of course, if you’re an agency focused on brands that want to make a positive impact on society, it’s important to put your own money where your mouth is. So we say: practice what you preach. There are many NGOs and social start-ups that need the expertise of a communications agency, but often lack the budget to engage such a party. This is why we created the Fitzgerald Initiative, an initiative through which we support these organizations by offering them an inspirational event where, through workshops and seminars, knowledge is shared for establishing a strong PR and communications strategy.

Our goal

Trough the Fitzgerald Initiative we want to help these NGOs take their communications and PR to the next level. Nor do we see this as a one-off; our goal is that long-term relationships will emerge from this day that will bring NGOs and corporate brands closer together. If we want to have clout, we need to work together on this: agency, corporates, nonprofits. We need to join forces and make each other stronger. Stronger together!

Our network


At the event, speakers from Fitzgerald’s network address topics such as PR and communications in general, corporate communications, reputation management, internal and crisis communications and how they have brought their own campaigns to life. Speakers that attended past editions were:

  • Wouter Glaser

  • Eduard Nazarski

  • Anya Pieroen

  • Frank du Mosch

  • Dr. Roos Beerkens

  • Frits Huffnagel

  • Stefan de Bruijn

  • Rick Janse Kok

  • Thecla Schaeffer

  • Geraldine Moodley

  • Dieuwertje Nelissen

  • Joost Rentema

  • Tim van Deursen & Thijs Suijten

  • Annemiek Heuvelmans-Driessen

  • Claire Trügg

  • Friso Roscam Abbing

Netwerk of Fitzgerald

Our guests

NGO’s present at the past editions of The Fitzgerald Initiative were, amongst others:

  • De Voedselbank

  • Free Press Unlimited

  • Movement on the Ground

  • Liberation Route Europe

  • HospitaalBroeders

  • Klimaat Helpdesk

  • Project Fearless

  • Wings of Support

  • COC

  • Free A Girl

  • Stichting Jarige Job

  • Music Moves

  • Because We Carry

  • Wakuli

  • Action Aid

  • Artsen Zonder Grenzen