ANWB Streetwise

ANWB has been offering traffic lessons called Streetwise in schools for years, both physically and through an educational program. To make the bridge from school to their home, Streetwise De Verkeersgame was developed: an app that allows children to play traffic games at home and increase their traffic knowledge. Our goal: To introduce the app to Dutch children (8-12 years old) and their parents and enthuse them to download it.

Using a 360 mixed-methods approach of earned and paid media, influencer marketing and providing the face of the ‘Rules of the Road’ digital campaign, we reached the target group and encouraged them to download Streetwise De Verkeersgame, ANWB’s app. With success! The app has been downloaded no less than 52,000 times and is still being used in elementary school to increase traffic safety knowledge.


  • 4.25M unique readers
  • Publications in Donald Duck and &C, among others.
  • 2 new ANWB ambassadors (Kalvijn and Lavezzi) with a reach of 4.5M.
  • Set up a collaboration with Rapper Sor as the face of the ‘Rules of the Street’ digital campaign.
  • 52,000 app downloads increasing by 100 downloads per day.