Cortina has been the market leader in bicycles in the Netherlands for years. With the arrival of the e-bike came a lot of competition. This prompted the question: how can Cortina continue to claim its position as a bicycle specialist in this constantly evolving market?

We tackled this broad question in a multi-faceted way: we focused on ‘cycling to work’, emphasizing the sustainability of the electric bicycle as an alternative to the car, and with ‘the bicycle of the future’ we showed how far Cortina has come in terms of innovative design.

By sampling enthusiastic influencers and proactively responding to news topics on issues like sustainability and design, we demonstrated our thought leadership in these areas, leading not only to a great deal of publicity but also to e-bikes that sold out in record time.


  • Total of 57 positive publications
  • Among others in Volkskrant, RTL, AD, Bright and on Radio 538 and Slam FM
  • Total reach from Jan-Sep 2022: 43 million