De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf knows that sustainable entrepreneurship equals future-proof entrepreneurship. Therefore, the oldest department store in the Netherlands does everything to inspire their customers to make more sustainable choices. Fitzgerald helps on an ongoing basis to bring the sustainability vision of De Bijenkorf to the attention of their target group.

We do this by developing various initiatives and campaigns, supplemented with an ongoing retainer partnership, aimed at constantly sharing that vision and building valuable relationships with media.

De Toekomst is Groen

‘De Toekomst is Groen’ is one of the campaigns that we developed. A campaign that was fully focused on the future generation. We organized a competition among primary schools in which we asked children how they see the department store of the future and what the possibilities are when it comes to developing a greener future. The winning class was allowed to present their vision to the board of the Bijenkorf. A win-win situation: not only did the children get to use their creativity and get the chance to give their insights a real stage, but De Bijenkorf could at the same time use these valuable creative insights to make the world greener.

Style Studio

In addition to this campaign, we took the communication and PR about the style studio of the Bijenkorf upon ourselves – where you can rent clothing for special occasions instead of buying -, we created an ambassador program consisting of influencers with a clear sustainability profile and we guided various press events.

Our work for the Bijenkorf resulted in various publications, including the Algemeen Dagblad, Telegraaf Utrecht and RTV Maastricht about the store of the future. The style studio was published in detail in Elle, Harpers Bazaar and Linda.