Research by Fiom shows that out of 5 people who can become pregnant, 1 becomes pregnant unintentionally in their lifetime. There is a lot of information available, especially online, about unintended pregnancy and the choices that come with it. However, not all information is correct. Therefore, at the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS), the was established, a platform that provides reliable and neutral information about the various options available for unintended pregnancy.



Fitzgerald and media agency IM Lounge, both part of the ACE family, were asked to develop an overarching marketing and PR concept aimed at generating traffic to and creating more awareness and openness about unintended pregnancy.


First, Fitzgerald and IM Lounge conducted a target audience analysis to gain a better understanding of the target audience. Among other things, it was found that 41 percent of respondents need information about their options in the event of unintended pregnancy, and 42 percent need information about where to go for help. It also appears that 53 percent need a listening ear. Based on the research, the campaign images below were developed, and a marketing strategy was established. The images were shown through online ads and screens in doctors’ waiting rooms so that as many people as possible who are dealing with unintended pregnancy can find their way to the information point.

Fitzgerald developed a PR strategy to maximize the substantive message of the campaign. Through interviews and publications in target lifestyle magazines, the importance of reliable information about unintended pregnancy and the various choices that people have has been further emphasized.


  • We set up interviews with LINDA. and Kek Mama, among others, and generated publications in lifestyle magazines such as Women’s Health, Wij, and Bedrock. All publications had a positive sentiment and included the core message of the campaign. In total, it yielded a PR value of almost €70,000 and a cumulative reach of over 10 million.



  • In the first flight of the online campaign, we achieved almost 5 million impressions and more than 10,000 clicks to the website. Additionally, we reached 1.5 million contacts through the waiting room screens of general practitioners. The CPM was very favorable, and the quality of traffic significantly improved compared to the quality prior to the campaign, thanks to various optimizations. Ultimately, we saw a significant increase in the number of phone calls and chat conversations with the infopoint, which is what matters most.