Free Press Unlimited

Worldwide, democracy and the rule of law are under pressure. Also in the Netherlands, where in 2021 we dropped significantly in the world ranking of press freedom. Free Press Unlimited enables journalists to do their job well. Together with them, we developed a campaign to draw attention to the importance of investigative journalism.

Flight 1 focused on a layer of content consisting of a series of banners, ads, take overs, pre-rolls and posts.
For Flight 2, the focus was on an activation. Because: how can we generate even more attention to this topic in a creative, PR-minded way?

We chose to collaborate with graffiti artist Laser 3.14. A match made in heaven: as an activist word artist, he is known for his short, socially critical street poems that can be found all over Amsterdam. He translated the concept by taking a critical look at the topics that have come to light through investigative journalism and creating an iconic street art piece out of it.

Sound Muted


  • 14 publications (4 in top tier news media)
  • 2,500+ quality website visitors#
  • More than 20 million contact moments with target audience