Lynk & Co

“The Netflix for mobility,” is what you might call the concept of car brand Lynk & Co. A membership for a car. And just what kind: a brand new mid-size SUV equipped with all the conveniences.
For everyone with a shared-car membership – and all fans – there is a genuine Lynk & Co Club in the heart of Amsterdam. A meeting place where like-minded people can get together and where you will soon be able to go for exhibitions, lectures and other events.

Fitzgerald developed a PR campaign to maximize awareness of the introduction of the Lynk & Co mobility concept and to take care of PR on a structural basis.
To ensure as much media attention as possible, journalists from both automotive, lifestyle and news media were invited to take a two-hour test drive before the launch date. They were also offered a (digital) interview with a Lynk & Co spokesperson. This included telling the underlying story about sustainability, the club concept and the future of motoring, and allowing the brand to be loaded on different levels.


  • Publications in among others Het Parool, AD, De Telegraaf/Autovisie, TopGear NL and Manners.
  • Interviews with the vice-president of Lynk & Co in, for example, Vogue and Trouw