At MAGGI, connecting through cooking is paramount, and when the corona crisis broke out, the brand felt it could make a difference. Because of the intelligent lockdown, many people were not allowed to host family and thus could not have a cozy meal together. MAGGI started talking to Resto VanHarte, an organization that brings people together in community centers throughout the country. Thus was born the initiative “I cook for you with all my heart,” where people who like to do something for others in their neighborhood were asked to cook an extra portion. Participating was easy, by sharing the ‘I cook from the heart’ card from MAGGI’s website and social media channels online with #ikkookvanharte, placing it in front of the window or throwing it through a neighbor’s mailbox. In addition, it was possible to provide guests of Resto VanHarte with a dish via This made it possible to get in touch for a meal and some conversation.

To raise awareness of the initiative, Fitzgerald advised MAGGI to spread the personal stories created by the initiative through national and local news media. These real stories would inspire others to join in as well. Because a good example follows, our approach also included sending postal packages to food micro-influencers, explaining the initiative and, of course, the “I cook wholeheartedly” cards.


  • Publications in Algemeen Dagblad, Het Parool and Vriendin, among others. The regional approach resulted in visibility in regional newspapers and websites, such as Leidsch Dagblad and Brabants Dagblad.
  • Pictures shared by The Hip Vegetarian, Culinessa and Anne Travel Foodie, among others.
  • Media value of 107,109 euros.
  • Cumulative reach of 4.5 million.