Nestlé Beneath the Surface

Fitzgerald was asked to develop a campaign to bring Nestlé’s sustainability initiatives to the attention of its millennial target audience and eliminate distrust of the organization as much as possible. To conclude what it would take to build consumer trust, we conducted a strategic, quantitative study. This study showed that millennials in particular value sustainable procurement. Transparency is therefore essential in the campaign – only then can an opinion be formed based on facts

To actively engage millennials in Nestlé’s sustainability initiatives, we proposed an interactive campaign that lets consumers experience the complexity of Nestlé’s supply chain.

We created the Beneath the Surface platform, which guides consumers through Nestlé’s sustainability dilemmas with interactive videos. The great success in the Benelux led Nestlé to roll out the campaign in 8 more countries ánd led to a follow-up.


  • A campaign unexpectedly rolled out in 11 countries
  • Global reach of more than 100 million people
  • More than 120k complete experiences on the website
  • Positive articles about Nestlé in UK, BEL, POL
  • Enthusiastic ambassadors within Nestlé
  • Continued campaign on cocoa theme