SIRE: Vind je lichtpuntje en durf te hopen

PR campaign: strategy, research & PR
Every year, SIRE (Stichting Ideële Reclame) brings a social topic to the attention of the Dutch public, opinion leaders and decision makers. You’re a bovine if you stunt with fireworks and #doeslief are well-known examples of the dozens of one-liners from the SIRE campaigns. With its campaigns, SIRE wants to make society a little more beautiful. That is also at the top of Fitzgerald’s agenda, so it is understandable that we were eager to do the PR campaign for 2024.

The theme of 2024 was 'Hope'. What was your first thought when you heard the theme?

“It really had to land. Hope is important, but also very abstract.” said Lisa van Eck, Sr. Consultant at Fitzgerald. And everyone knows the expression ‘hope is disappointment deferred’. Together with SIRE we have fully delved into the subject. The more we read and discussed it, the more it came to life.”


So how did you approach this difficult topic?

“SIRE had already done a lot of research on the theme, and together with them we had discussions with researchers, economists and experts. This gave us a better idea of ​​what the research and press release should look like and which spokespersons should be given a role. We thought it was important to use spokespersons from various fields and backgrounds to explain the different aspects of hope. In this way we could offer each media target group an interesting spokesperson for their readers.”

SIRE creates campaigns for the whole of the Netherlands, how do you reach such a large target group?

“Refining the message took time, it had to be powerful and accessible to a wide audience. The research conducted by Ruigrok formed the basis for this. In addition, the podcast ‘bright spots’ was created, in which well-known guests such as Princess Laurentien, Louis van Gaal and Frank Lammers talked to journalist Diana Matroos. The research data, diversity of spokespersons and podcasts by famous Dutch people contributed to reaching a large target group through the media. For example, you heard researcher Emma Pleeging at NOS radio 1, data from the research was discussed at Editie NL, RTL Nieuws and in Trouw, and the podcast was recommended by (online) magazines such as Libelle, LINDA., Harper’s Bazaar and FHM.”

Of course, there were also critical notes. How do you deal with this?

“There were also columns and opinion pieces that were skeptical about the campaign, such as the column ‘No one wants good news’. And that’s fine; Criticism is inevitable, especially with a campaign for such a broad target group and with such a difficult to understand subject. It is important to be as transparent as possible and let the figures and experts speak for you. It is also the goal of SIRE to open a conversation, which requires different points of view …”

Results in numbers

101 publications
29 print
43 online media
29 RTV
15,346,468 reach
€626,860 PR value

Check the full campaign here.