SNS Moneyweetjes

As digital payments become more common and the use of cash decreases, children find it difficult to understand the value of money. Because knowledge about money is very important for financial empowerment, SNS developed a way to teach children this knowledge in a playful way: Monnie, a piggy bank in the shape of a hippo that makes financial matters comprehensible. Fitzgerald was asked to create a campaign to introduce young children and their caregivers to Monnie in an easy-to-digest way.

We developed 2 routes

Route 1: to put financial education on the agenda of relevant national media through a survey amongst parents in which we questioned them about how they communicate with their children about money.

Route 2: to appeal to children, you need to engage online. That’s why we proposed the YouTube and Instagram series “Monnie Facts!” of which Lavezzi Rutjes searched weekly – on behalf of his peers – for answers to money questions.

With great success! Not only did we reach a large audience (both children and educators), but the material is also used as teaching material. We could not have received a greater compliment.


  • Over 300,000 video views
  • BNR interview with SNS top woman Marieke Commandeur
  • Publications in financial media like and marcom media like Fonk
  • The videos are used as teaching materials in elementary schools